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The Book Of Jared
Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete

Perhaps I spoke too soon...

Ok, so I am now totally addicted to World of Warcraft. I got the account issue straightened out; apparently a lot of people use old trial accounts to gold farm. I HAD received an email, but it went to my Gmail account. Mea culpa, mea culpa (but the 40 minutes on hold with Warcraft music playing far too loudly in my ear was punishment enough). In the end, I am enjoying the game, but I am not sure that I enjoy it enough to justify the $180 a year it will cost me to play. If you are a player, look me up, my main character is Deraj, a warlock in the Horde. Just in case anyone cares...

Written by Jared on Wednesday August 20, 2008
Permalink - Category: General-Musings

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