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The Book Of Jared
Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete

Getting ready for the trip...

I have a trip to Mexico scheduled for the 12th of November. I planned the trip as a surprise gift to my Grandfather Steve, since his father was from Mexico and he, my Grandfather, has only been there once. He went to Mexico City with his mother when he was 14 to meet his grandmother and tell her of his father's passing. We are planning to fly into Mexico City on the night of the 12th-13th, and then we will spend the day in the city, seeing the sights. We will then spend the 14th in a guided tour of the ruins of Teotihuacan and visiting the Basilicia de la Virgen de Guadaloupe. On the 15th, we will grab a car and drive about 4 hours to the north and west to the city of Irapuato, Guanajuato, where we will spend the next 2 days. Irapuato is the city where my great grandfather lived, actually a little pueblo outside the city called Jaripitio. We will even have the opportunity to visit the church where my ancestors attended church in the late 1800s. All in all it should be an amazing trip.

Written by Jared on Thursday October 30, 2008
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