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In defense of the Wii...

We purchased a Wii for Jody on Mother's Day a few years ago. We have a few games, most of them sports or arcade style games, along with a couple of exercise games like Wii Fit and Jilliam Michaels exercise. Every time I see a web comic, or review for that matter, that gives the Wii low marks, or makes fun of the types of games available, I have to think that they missed the point of the Wii. Before the Wii, my wife rarely played games, now we have a hard time getting her away from the console. My kids are usually right next to her, playing right along. I think that is the point of the Wii, a console for people that don't like consoles, or games in general. I also think that the Wii will bring a lot of people into the gaming market that have been otherwise overlooked by consoles with huge controlers with 300 buttons and games that focus on blood and gore. Personally, I enjoy both watching and playing along.

Written by Jared on Wednesday June 10, 2009
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