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and Back Again...

The bad thing about a long miserable road trip is that you have to make the return trip. My motorcycle is a Suzuki DR-z 400, a dual sport bike that is mostly suited to dirt trails. The seat is hard, and so are the front shocks. In short, my butt was hurting last night when I got here to Vegas. My arms are also completely sunburned.  Once I got to Vegas, I got to hang out with Dad and Susan, but now it was time to head back. Once again, the trip from Las Vegas to Cedar City was pretty miserable, I even ran out of gas coming into Mesquite. Once I left Cedar City, it was magnificent again. I hit Minersville and needed a break so I pulled off and snapped this picture. In the end, I made it home, tired and fairly broken, but better for having made the big ride.

Written by Jared on Friday December 16, 2022.

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