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After a long period of inactivity, I recently realized that my weight had skyrocketed to almost 300lbs. I was mortified and set out to find a gym. I have always enjoyed working out, but rarely would I make time for it, but with the opening of a Planet Fitness location near my office, things have changed. Working out has made me think more about what I take into my body, what foods I eat, and if and when it is ok to have a fast food burger (my staple for years). It has also made me look at my spiritual fitness, and I am sad to say I am in pretty bad shape there as well... I have decided to take the same steps to improve my spiritual health as I am taking to improve my physical health; I am going to work out spiritually. Here is my workout routine if anyone wants to try it with me.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Muscle Building)

These are my heavy lifting days at the gym, and my heavy lifting days in the scriptures. I spend these days on studying the scriptures in the Book of Mormon, comparing what scholars within and outside of the church are saying about the Restored Gospel, and building my spiritual muscles by exercising faith in the principles I learn. I take an hour in the gym, and I try and take an hour in the scriptures as well.

Tuesday, Thursday (Cardio)

I would never want to go to the gym and push my muscles to their snapping point without giving them a rest in between workouts. These are my cardio days, days I spend building my heart muscle and gaining stamina for those heavy days. On these days, I spend my time reading the stories in the scriptures, without necessarily trying to figure out why something happened, or what I need to learn from it. I spend my time with Moses at Pharaoh's court, Christ at the Sermon on the Mount, Paul on Mars' hill, King Benjamin at the temple, or Joseph Smith in Liberty jail. I find that when I approach these stories without trying to force the deeper meanings, the deeper meanings become clearer anyway, because I am listening to the Spirit's whispering, not trying to "study it out in [my] mind."

Saturday and Sunday (Application)

What good would it do for me to spend the week in the gym, only to spend the weekend sitting on my rump watching T.V. or playing on the computer? These are days that I need to spend walking to the park with my kids, or working on the car, or cleaning up the yard. From a spiritual perspective, I need to do the same thing; apply what I have learned in the week's studying. On these days, I need to pay special attention to my eternal companion, spend time with her, and with our kids. Saturday makes a great date night, and I live in Las Vegas now, there should be plenty for us to do and see. On Sunday, the Lord's day, I need to serve in my calling, where others can benefit from my study, and hopefully, I can learn from them as well. Above all, the weekend is made for service; service to my spouse, to my children, and to my fellow men. So there is my new spiritual workout... care to take a journey with me?

Written by Jared on Friday December 16, 2022.

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