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The Book Of Jared
Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete

On finding a job...

My son has been working at Camp Floyd State Park for the last few months, but now their Summer budget is up. Once again he is going to be looking for work, lucky him. The economy is so bad right now that there just aren't a lot of jobs out there. In August there were no new jobs created; zero, none, nill, zilch. Well poop. According to CNBC this is the first time since World War two that there have been no new jobs. This, of course bring me around to immigration reform. If one more person says; "They take the jobs Americans won't do." Well, I will tell you this, Christopher is ready to take one of those jobs, but he can't get one. For what it's worth...

Written by Jared on Friday September 2, 2011
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