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The Book Of Jared
Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete

It is about control...

There are two plans in play in the universe today; a plan of control and a plan of freedom. These plans were presented to all of us at the great council in heaven, where Lucifer espoused the plan of Control and Compulsion. Our Father, and our Elder Brother presented and espoused the plan of Freedom and Consequences. That there are only two plans, and that one is winning, at least in the short term, has become painfully obvious.

Are we free, or are we controlled?

I compare how I live my life with the life my father, and my grandfathers lived, and there is one dramatic difference, and that difference becomes more apparent as we travel further back in time; I am not free. When I look at physical, financial, personal, religious, familial, and intellectual freedoms, I see that I am shackled by a system that is designed to keep us in it once we have entered. We call that a trap.  

Written by Jared on Tuesday September 10, 2013
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