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The Book Of Jared
Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete

I am a little frustrated...

Some of you may know that my contract with the Church is coming to an end shortly, and as such I have been "looking" for further employment. The main problem I am having is that most places that are hiring for someone in my position, i.e. a web developer, are looking for someone that can show off what they have done in the past; also known as a "portfolio". My issue is that for 2 years I built some very complex, database-driven web sites for Allbee Green, aka PlusMG, that were designed to be thrown away when the marketing campaign was completed. In addition, these sites were connected to a proprietary server running Xerox's XMPie software, and now I no longer have access to that server. So when it comes time to show what I have done in the past, I am a bit stuck. For what its worth-- Jared

Written by Jared on Friday April 1, 2011
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