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Some people just don't get it...

We have had a situation in our church group recently where several individuals have been attempting to have a convicted pedophile serve with small (ages 3 to 11) children in the Primary. This has been a concern to some of the parents with children of that age that might be affected by this decision, and these parents have expressed these concerns to the Bishop. Some have even gone so far as to refuse to send their children to class if this person is asked to serve. The Bishop has assured them that the situation would not be allowed, but for some reason those seeking to have this man serve with children seem determined not to let the matter drop. Those who expressed their concerns are called "Pot Stirrers" or worse, and some are finding it hard to attend church because of the constant berating they fell they are receiving at the hands of those that want him to serve with children. Over the next few posts I will be looking at the reasons these people have given to justify having this Brother serve with children, as well as the official Church position on the matter. I hope this can help someone that is in the same situation. Jared

Written by Jared on Wednesday March 19, 2008
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